Why Borrow from a CDFI?

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are dedicated to delivering responsible and affordable lending. They work with all types of borrowers in a community, but with a specific focus to serve the underserved populations. As mainstream banks develop an increasing focus on larger businesses, CDFIs are there, helping to build communities, by providing affordable financing to small businesses.

What Makes Us Better

More Affordable

CDFIs generally offer better rates than other sources of financing, which include check-cashers, online lenders and merchant cash advance companies. With lower rates, you will have more to invest in your business!

We Care

This platform will connect you with a Community Development Financial Institution that cares about solving your financial needs and is seeking to create opportunity in your community. If you need help along the way, many CDFIs also offer free technical assistance and other forms of support for small business owners.

No Hidden Fees

CDFIs have an honest and up-front approach to business lending. Typical online business lenders often have hidden fees, such as early-payment fees or hefty application fees. These extra fees can mask the true cost of capital to your business, adding up to a much higher Annual Percentage Rate (APR), making your loan more expensive than what you will typically find at a CDFI. With a CDFI, there are no hidden fees, so you will know right from the start how much you will be paying!

We Are A Part Of Your Community

We, the NYS CDFI Business Lending Network are here to give back to the communities we serve.  In addition to financial products, we will provide financial education and support a broad range of social programs to benefit the people and organizations to whom we lend.

We Are Mission-Driven Organizations

Our main mission is to help our members accomplish their dreams. We are not driven by profit like other lending companies. When you succeed, we succeed!


A Typical Online Lender

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Listen To Others Like You

“Basically what institutions like our CU does for ‘underserved’ people like me, is to put a little faith and trust in our financial life. And that is all we need in order to get out of our broken situation. Believing in the human ability to overcome any situation just by supporting them is enough. I am a true example of that … A woman with such a bleak financial broken history and here there is a bank in a city where I never imagined myself living someday who put a little bit of that ‘faith’ in me. What a miracle!”

Alina Diaz

Genesee Cooperative Member

“I came to Urban Upbound in search of financial stability. I found not only counseling, but also commitment and constant encouragement. Urban Upbound has dedicated its services to provide me with the tools necessary to reach my goals.”

Jennifer Roman

Urban Upbound Member

“Urban Upbound is a very good organization. They are always happy to help and I recommend them to everyone I know who needs help. They offer low interest rates which are much better than the banks”

Kurtar Barlas

Urban Upbound Member

“I like the personal relationship I get with Brooklyn Coop. At corporate banks I have the feeling like I just want to get out of there”

Pepe Urquijo

B'klyn Burro Owner / Brooklyn Cooperative Member

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