We Give Back

CDFIs are more than lenders - they are local institutions that care deeply about the communities they serve.

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Our Projects


Our partner LES People's Credit Union offers local high school seniors a chance to win scholarships for college.

Family New Home_SSK

Our partner Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union offers advice and counseling when getting ready to buy a home.

Team Community Success_SSK

Suncoast Credit Union's employees have volunteered more than 3644 hours in 1075 different ways to help their communities.

What Our Borrowers Are Saying

“The credit union has helped me straighten out my credit so I could own a home. They helped me every step of the way to homeownership right down to recommending and suggesting various avenues to save money and providing me with my first mortgage. They have always been there to make recommendations when I needed financial advice. I’m a member for life because they’ve made such a difference in my life.”

June Capitulik

“It feels good to support such a human-sized institution where accounts and lending are handled with compassion and common sense – not just by numbers or a computer program. I feel that by depositing my money at the credit union, I am helping it be possible for that money to be lent out to help good things happen for other people. I want my son, Dylan, to be positively influenced by that experience, too.”

Patty & Dylan Love

Genesee Cooperative Member

“The credit union provides a great service to our community and the people of the East Village. LESPFCU came to Avenue B when no bank would even put a toe east of 3rd Avenue.”

MaryBeth O'Hara

Lower East Side People's Credit Union Member

“It’s a good start for me, a good stepping stone. They don’t just take your money. They show you how you can make your money grow. I’m fighting for my financial life and I’m fighting for a healthy life. I think I can do both.”

Joanne Butler

Urban Upbound Cooperative Member

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