Welcome to the NYS CDFI Business Lending Network!
A network created to connect business owners like you to the
fair and affordable lending products provided by Certified
Community Development Financial Institutions or CDFIs.

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Our Offer

Lower Interest Rates

CDFIs typically offer lower rates than online business lenders, traditional banks, or merchant cash advance companies.

We Are Mission-Driven

Our foremost goal is to benefit our customers. We are not looking to maximize profits like mainstream banks and other online lenders.

No Hidden Fees

We are mission-driven business with transparent and clear policies. CDFIs are advocates that write letters to to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to combat lenders with hidden fees!

We Are Part Of Your Community

CDFIs are created to build stronger, more resilient communities. We give back to the communities we serve, we provide financial education in addition to loans, and we seek to find financial products that will help you succeed!

4-Step Process

Four simple steps will connect you to funding from a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) near you.

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Get Matched

Step 3: Get Contacted

Step 4: Get Funded

What Our Borrowers Are Saying

“Despite a limited income, my good credit history and membership in the BCFCU has enabled me to borrow money to stabilize my living situation, purchase vehicles, and even make repairs on my bike!”

Rebekah Williams

Buffalo Cooperative Member

“They helped me get a loan quickly, and on good terms. More importantly, however, they worked with me personally and took time to learn exactly what I needed.  I am grateful to the Credit Union for being a positive, proactive, and professional financial institution that serves the interests of our community and its residents.”

Benjamin Munson

Buffalo Cooperative Member

“It’s important to me to know that my money supports a non-profit, community-based, socially-responsible saving and lending institution. Now more than ever, we need alternatives to the mega-banks that have made such a mess of our economy. I’m proud to have been a part of an institution that has helped thousands of people enter the world of credit, improve their financial standing and be treated with dignity.”

David Knoll

Genesee Cooperative Member

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